Bali is remains a tourism icon of Indonesia. In the midst of government efforts to pursue targets seven million of foreign tourists in 2010, a leading travel magazine based in New York, Travel & Leisure, awarded “World Best Island in Asia 2010” to the island resort, Bali
The award presented in the “World’s Best Award 2010” show in New York, Wednesday afternoon (21/7/2010). Hotel Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran also received an award for the category of “World Best Hotel Spas in Asia 2010”. Awards in various categories are also provided to approximately 100 award recipients from all over the world. Fuad Adriansyah representing the New York consulate to accept the award for the Bali as “Best Island in Asia 2010”. Awards were presented by Nancy Novogrod, Editor in Chief Magazine Travel & Leisure, and Mr. Jean-Paul Kyrillos, Publisher Travel & Leisure Magazine. 
Determination of winning this annual award was obtained through the survey results during the period December 15, 2009 until March 31, 2010 to experience travel magazine Travel & Leisure readers based on several criteria. Meet the criteria, the island of Bali as the best because its natural state is uniformly attractive (both mountain and coastal areas), tourism objects are diverse and spread out, the availability of restaurants / food (international and local) and its people are friendly and valued friends.
In addition to the Best Island category and Best Hotel Spa, winner of several other categories, such as the best city, best hotels, destination spa, golf best resorts, cruise lines, airlines, agents up to the best car rental place. Some categories are still divided into regional, such as the United States and Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia / New Zealand / South Pacific, Caribbean, and Central America / South.
In a press release the New York consulate, Fuad said that the success of Bali for the umpteenth time earned as the best island would need to welcome. This is to boost tourism industry in Bali and, more important, he says, is the tourism industry in Indonesia.
“This success is of course also be utilized by the Consulate General in New York as the capital to continue to promote tourism in Bali and Indonesia in general to the U.S. public,” he added.

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