Jaja Bendu
Other than exploring the beauty of nature, culture, and food, perhaps you are also eager to know about the Balinese cakes. As a religious community, Balinese have a wide treasure of cakes mainly offered in ritual activities. By and large, this diversity may be shown in terms of the making, look and presentation.
The easiest way to have a closer look at such diversity is by visiting traditional market nearby. A variety of cakes used to fill in the oblation in temple festival or individual worship, ranging from the ordinary up to the unique kinds are sold there. Busy people will prefer to purchase them. One of those unique cakes is the bendu cake. Except used for ritual need, this cake is also nice to savor as refreshment.
Ingredients required to make this cake are 500 gram of white sticky rice flour, ½ coconut (grated), 100 gram of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 cup of grated coconut mixed with 100 gram of palm sugar for sauce and a little oil to smear the pan.
Mix the flour with sugar, grated coconut and salt evenly, and knead them for a while. However, do not do it until sticky. Preheat the pan in small flames. Next, smear the pan by oil so it will not be sticky. Take some three tablespoons of batter and put in the center of pan. Then, spread it evenly until reaching a diameter of some 10-15 centimeters while pressing it by vegetable spoon. When it has been cooked, turn over and put the sugar sauce onto it. Ultimately, fold it in triangular form. Alternatively the sugar sauce can be placed after the piece of cake is taken out from the pan. Afterward, it is folded as above. Now, it is ready to serve!