Kasta is a position or rank brought from the descendants of hereditary Each. Caste in Bali is divided into 5 namely:
1. Ida Bagus / Ida Ayu (Brahmin)
2. Tjokorda / Agung Gde (Ksatrya)
3. Dewa (Ksatrya)
4. Gusti (Waishya)
5. Jaba (Sudra)
Usually the same caste or fam also often called clans, and the most prominent of the caste in Bali is the use of language is often difficult to understand because every caste has a different language from another caste.
Of the five castes which are of the Brahmin is no right for the 1-4 is no 5 is the sudra. Brahmanic are people who have the high position in the kingdom on the first date, while the sudra is the kingdom of the soldiers or ordinary citizens.
What is the difference between Dewa with Agung? Ksatrya caste Brahmins came from. Because the king that require advisers and generals of war. Kesatrya ( Agung) are a people in the king’s appointed as advisors for this caste usually have a mindset that is more intelligent than Ksatrya (Dewa), and while to become commander of the war because of temperament are more emotional than the “Agung” so there was a difference of caste in because of the different temperaments.
But often there is friction on the Brahmins, a caste eventually arise again in the Pande call or nation or the Brahmins who do not use the title or chestnut again. Pande again divided into two namely: Pande Mas and Besi.

Nation Pande Mas assigned as an artist and the crown jewel of the Brahmins. And while for Pande Besi assigned as an artist or a war weapon which we know the term as Mpu.